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Employees who want to have insight in their pension benefits in the Netherlands can check the website At the end of May, this website was given a new look. The design and appearance have been changed and the insight that the website offers to participants has been expanded. However, there are a number of points of attention.

Since 2011, (MPO) has provided employees with insight into the pension benefits they have accrued with Dutch pension providers. MPO plays an important role in the provision of information to participants, but until recently it lagged behind in its (technological) development. The website has therefore already undergone a number of technical developments in the past period so that, according to the host, it again meets today's technological standards. And now the front of the website has also been modernized.

Participants who log in immediately see the monthly net pension benefits that they will receive as of their state pension date. But beware, this amount can give a distorted picture. The amount only includes pensions with a target retirement age that is equal to the state pension age. If the current pension scheme has a target age of 68 (which is often the case), the amount mentioned does not include the pension benefits that are accrued during the current employment and the amount is therefore too low. As a result, employees can be misled.

Another change is the provision of 'tailor-made' information. An important part of MPO is 'if my situation changes', with the consequences for pension accrual in the event of various changes in the participant's personal situation. The new MPO emphasizes for each age category specific situation changes that are relevant for that age category.

An update is planned for later this year, after which an English version of MPO can also be chosen.

29 June 2021

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