Aging & Vitality

Your challenge: the average employee is getting older. In 2005, it was still possible for employees to retire at the age of 58. Nowadays, the government aims to postpone retirement until the age of 68 in order to preserve a certain level of employment. Due to new tax legislation that came into effect in 2015, the maximum pension accrual has been limited and the AOW-age has been raised. 

Pension in itself is not solid either. The pension system is under pressure and the risks that come with pension accrual are shifting towards the employee, away from of the employer. It will prove increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to financially retire before the AOW-age.

As employees tend to extend their working life, employers are more often confronted with health-related absenteeism and unmotivated personnel. Employees are not robots and sustainable employability is not always the key. Customised solutions with attention for the well-being of the individual are highly desirable.

  • Early retirement analysis
  • Change of employee benefits
  • Vitality policy
  • Vitality account
  • Pension coaching
  • Budget coaching
  • Early retirement schemes

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