An analysis of the 'early retirement age' gives you the opportunity to identify hidden issues in your workforce. It might be sensible to allow older employees to resign early. There is a limit to sustainable employability, and sometimes it is necessary to realize that neither your business, nor your employee is able to benefit from the employment any longer. Employees cannot or do not want to work until retirement, re-training is not effective anymore, labour relations may be disturbed or health-related absenteeism is increasing. In all these circumstances, there is not much point in continuing the employment.

In the event of early retirement, tax, social-law and economic considerations play a role - apart from the employment law aspects. This may concern an individual early retirement or the departure of several people. KWPS can help you to define the most economically interesting route, by guiding employees and by reducing the tax burden for employers and employees as much as possible.

  • Quantitative dismissal analyses
  • Early retirement schemes
  • Prevention early retirement (RVU) tax
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment
  • Negotiations with and selection of administrator
  • Coordination with and consultation of tax authorities
  • Employee counselling

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