Pension premiums increase while benefits are reduced. The imbalance between investment and revenue is increasing. And even once investment and revenue seems to be in balance, law and product changes may stir up matters. A solid reconsideration of the pension scheme(s) may lead to:

  1. A scheme that fits within HR policy and is not separate therefrom
  2. Significant cost savings
  3. A predictable and manageable pension burden
  4. A future-proof scheme
  5. More understanding and appreciation of employees

The challenge is to come to an affordable, future-proof scheme that fits the inflow and outflow policy. The employee has another perspective and wants transparency, security and flexibility.

  • Pension (re)design
  • Negotiations and consultation with works councils and unions
  • Selection of and negotiations with administrator
  • Employee and works council approval processes
  • Communication and information
  • Valuations, mergers and acquisitions
  • Harmonisation processes

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