De-risking pension situation

You have implemented one or more pension plan(s) for your employees. Afterwards, you want to be able to sit back and relax as much as possible. But how do you ensure adequate risk management and how do you fulfil your duty of care towards your employees?


If you engage KWPS to manage your pension plan(s), we will first conduct a due diligence audit of the existing situation. This investigation encompasses legal, fiscal, economic and administrative research. We request information, analyse contracts, perform random checks on the salary and pension administration and ask critical questions to the employer and the administrator. The goal is to identify (potential) risks and neutralise them in consultation with you. We will also indicate whether simplifications can be made. 


Once de-risking has taken place, we determine in consultation with you which manangement activities will be carried out by you and which by KWPS. Examples of management activities are: 

  • registering and deregistering employees in the pension administration;
  • calculating or validating employee contributions;
  • providing (informative) pension interviews with employees;
  • preparing a pension guide with answers to frequently asked questions; or
  • conducting an audit of pension and payroll records.

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