Edwin Knoth

E. Knoth, office manager

Edwin Knoth

Edwin has gained over 20 years of experience at various organizations, including MeesPierson, KPN, the Ministry of the Interior Affairs, bol.com, and SOLV lawyers. His role at KWPS is to analyze processes, monitor them, manage when necessary, and innovate whenever possible. This relieves the other members of our management team and leads to a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness. Our consultants, including the partners, have more time for what they enjoy most: serving our clients and collaborating with a large number of law firms.

With Edwin on the team, we have a heavyweight, though not literally, as he is active and enjoys the outdoors. He often takes walks from our office on the Zuidas.

"I'm very drawn to KWPS; I find it very interesting to serve the business world, especially the legal profession, from a different perspective. I'm naturally curious and interested in whether we can simplify some internal processes with AI. In the summer, you can find me at Bodhi Beach in Zandvoort, where I occasionally assist as a sommelier. If you have any questions about me or about KWPS, feel free to contact me."



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