You have an (start-up) organization with a small number of employees. You are ready to set up a pension scheme. After all, this is a matter of good employer practice. KWPS can take care of that for a basic fee from € 4.750 (excluding VAT). We will carry out the following activities.

1 Quick scan of the scope investigation based on your site, information requested by KWPS and a data form filled in by you. 
Please note: sometines the quick scan is not sufficient due to the multitude of mandatory participations that apply in the Netherlands. Additional work and/or research can be required. 
2 Introduction, discussion of blueprint and identification of one potentially suitable contractor.
3 Submission of request and assessment of proposal.
4 Assessment of the legal documents of the pension provider (legal quick scan).
5 Implementation of the pension scheme.
6 Final letter of advice.

If you ask us to perform work that is not included in the basic fee of € 4.750, we will inform you upfront. In this way, you will not be faced with any surprises. For cultural institutions and charities we offer a discount of 10%.

In addition to a pension plan, we can also provide absenteeism and disability insurances for your organization.

Relevant brochure(s)

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Questions and information

Please feel free to contact Natasja Winter or Dirk de Wit.