Pension harmonization and quantifying CLAs

When harmonizing pensions and other terms of employment, the applicability of or transfer to another collective labour agreement, and in the event of a convergence of collective agreements, many questions arise for the employer and his employment law attorney. What can KWPS do for you?

  • We can take care of the complete analysis and advice on pensions and other insured employment conditions; from policy, research and cost projection to implementation and maintenance;
  • With regard to the collective labour agreement, we can (in consultation with the employment lawyer) establish all the elements to be quantified, including job evaluation. We then make a calculation of the expected change in costs. If required, we can also make a long-term projection based on the assumed development of the workforce.  

With our analysis, the employer not only knows which rights, obligations and risks exist, arise or disappear, but also what the costs and long-term effects are.

Questions and information

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